Spring Mysticism Pt. 1


It’s easy to fall in love with Spring, easier to internalize deeply an appreciation of the raw fecundity bursting into the world.  It is harder to remember this budding life although joyous and new, even perhaps reborn, is not God re-entering the world.  God never left the world.  This rejuvenated physical manifestation is part of a process, I admit that must be both physical and Divine.

Some would say God is the Process.  Others would answer that God oversees the process.

I don’t think anyone among us qualified to make either of those claims, though I cling to the holy chutzpah of stating to anyone who will listen:  Spring is no holy homecoming.  God does not leave the world for winter, or war (or Holocaust, for that matter).

Spring is something having to do with God.  I’m going to take a few weeks before Summer to think about this deeply.