I am not a Terrorist

My Name is Khan is a 2010 movie is about Rizwan Khan, a highly functioning autistic from India who is Muslim.  Superbly played by Shah Rukh, Rizwan, because of his mildly autistic manner, ignites terrorist panic around him as he travels post 9/11 America on a quest to tell the President he is, in fact, not a terrorist.

The movie is beautiful and thought-provoking on so many levels.  Especially striking to me were scenes in which Rizwan, autistically oblivious to the rising discomfiture around him in response, passionately prays and recites Koran with love and compassion while all around him people freak out.  The juxtaposition of his innocent sincerity and the reaction of common Americans, not to mention various law enforcement agencies including Homeland Security, is gut wrenching and profoundly informative.  As the makers of the movie have so adroitly commented, the movie is not about a Muslim that is handicapped, but about an entire society that is.

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