The Saving of Moriah — from Holy Moriah

And then she ran.

And just when she thought she was a goner, right there running for her life in the dark of night, thinking it was all over for her now, she stumbled into a lovely little church—the Two of Hearts 24 Hour Wedding Chapel just down a little alley from the casinos—and ran right into a tall statuette of Christ.  His loving Heart was torn open and exposed to the world.  Set on a pedestal, His Face met hers.  His Eyes seemed to focus on her with such tenderness and love.  His Sad Smile was welcoming, inviting.  His Arms were raised in front of Him.  His Hands seemed to be quietly reaching out to her.  They were nice hands, the hands of a carpenter, she remembered, accustomed to stroking and smoothing wood.  His longish blond hair separated Him out from the endless stream of cowboys, con men, and accountants that she had serviced over the years.  Jesus appeared as a gentle hippy from her youth.

And He spoke to her gently, saying:

“Come to Me, all ye who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give thee rest.”  After that was a great rushing in her brain, like a thousand bat-winged angels swarming across an exploding dawn.

From Holy Moriah Copyright 2020 Dawn Robinson Rose

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