The Rev. Judd “Buffalo Roy” Royce — from Holy Moriah

Two days later, Ari and Rashid welcome a second houseguest, the Rev. JuddBuffalo Roy” Royce himself.

He is a largish man.  Like his animal namesake, he has huge, rounded shoulders, a hairy face, and a confident presence.  He is wearing a light blue three-piece suit, and sweats profusely in the Israeli heat.  His hands glitter with rings.

He lets Abel know that he, Abel, is the most important player—just below Jesus Christ Himself—in the unfolding of the End of Time.

He is very clear and straightforward.  He takes Abel to the kitchen table and talks long and hard—just like he is making a sermon—over eggs and ful and coffee.

“It is as if the angels are poised on the edge of heaven,” he says, “they are fluffing their wings, just waiting for the time of the Rapture.  They will sweep down and take up in their soft arms all those who are burdened and heavy laden:  your parents, Abel, your mom and your dad.  Isn’t it time the Lord’s angels lifted them up with soft, fluttery wings?  Don’t your mom and your dad deserve their crowns in heaven at last?  How can you possibly decide that they should wait and suffer any longer?

“All who are sick will be healed.  Even your sister, Abel.  Even your sister.  Yes, I know all about her, Abel.  The Lord has shown me everything.  Isn’t she in need of God’s healing?  The crippled will walk, the blind will see.  Crazy folks will become sane.  Miracles will again be known on this desperate earth.  The lonely will be loved, Abel.  Those who seek shall find, them that question will have answers.  Why, Abel, even all those little neked and starving children in Africa will hunger no more.  After the Final Battle, war will be no more.”

“In Rwanda, too?”  Abel asked.

“Yea, even in Rwanda, Abel.  Even in Rwanda.  For the Rapture is at hand.  It requires merely the Sacrifice of a single man.  God has chosen that man.  It is you, Abel.  This is the task for which you have been chosen.  This is the moment for which you have waited all your born days.  The Dome of the Rock must be destroyed to prepare the ground for the Third Temple.  It must be destroyed by a man like Jesus, who gives up his human life so that all the world may be saved.  You, Abel, you alone have the power to bring the Rapture!”

From Holy Moriah: A Kabalah   Copyright 2020 Dawn Robinson Rose

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